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I am a software engineer currently studying PhD in Computer Science at Goldsmiths University of London. My area of research is in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. My background is in computer science and game development. I am interested in application development using Unity engine especially VR applications, web development and iOS application development. Skilled in prgoramming using C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Swift and Python.
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About Me:

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- Unreal Engine Development (PC Application)

  - Experience in Blueprints Visual Scripting 

- Web Development 

  - HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  - Graphical and Interactive libraries such as p5js and Processing

- UI & UX Design for Apps and Game Design

- Mathematics 

- Data Visualization Intern - Nokia Bell Labs (June 2020 - August 2020)

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Main Role - Software Engineering 

Working in a team of four people. Responsible for developing an Augmented Reality platform and app for mobile phones that would help quantify spaces in terms of human needs. Also managed the process of gamifying the experience, which includes designing developing the gamification elements for the platform. Responsible for integrating backend to frontend and end-to-end testing. Designed UI & UX for application.

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- PhD in Computer Science (from Goldsmiths University of London), 2019−2024

The main focus of my research is on VR and AR. There are three main topics that are covered in my research: Object interaction, Social VR (Multiplayer VR experiences), Movement in VR

- Master's in Computer Games Art & Design (from Goldsmiths University of London), 2018−2019

Graduated with Distinction

The course covered a variety of topics such as game design as well as general UI and UX design and monetization methods for the modern game. Several project time management methods were also covered such as agile working. Learned the basics of 3D modelling and animation in Maya and textured using Substance Painter. The course gave me a strong technical understanding of VR application development in Unity which later on became the main part of my PhD research. Also, learned game development in the Unreal Engine using blueprints.

- BSc (Hons) in Games Programming (from Goldsmiths University of London), 2014−2017

Learned about the graphical programming using an open-source graphical library called Processing and p5js also learned about Front end web development (HTML, CCS and JavaScript). The course also covered algorithms and data structure, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and mathematics. Using these skill sets I started application development in Unity game engine for Computers, web and mobile devices.

- Foundation Degree in Computing (from Goldsmiths University of London), 2013−2014 

Learned about the fundamental of programming and mathematics needed for computer science.


Primary Skills:

- Unity Application Development (Including PC, Mobile and Web application)

  - XR Application Development (VR & AR)

    - Virtual Reality (For all VR headsets including Andriod based headsets such as Oculus Quest)

     - Augmented Reality (Android and iOS)

  - Mobile app development (iOS and Andriod)

  - C#, Object-Oriented Programming 

- Associate Lecturer - Goldsmiths, University of London (September 2019 - Present)

Writing course materials and teaching VR & AR application development in Unity.
Providing technical support to students in VR & AR computing Laboratory.
Teaching C# Programming using Unity and application development for iOS and Andriod.
Lecture Assistant for the following courses:
- 3D Virtual Environment and Animation (Postgraduate Course)
- Advanced Topics in Virtual and Augmented Reality (Postgraduate Course)
- Mixed Realities (Postgraduate Course)
- Introduction to Virtual Reality (Undergraduate Course)
- Numerical Mathematics (Undergraduate Course)
- Symbolic Mathematics (Undergraduate Course)
- Introduction to Statistics for Business (Undergraduate Course)
- Foundations of Problem Solving (Undergraduate Course)
- Foundation Mathematics for Computing (Foundation Course)

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