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My master’s degree final project. AITE is third/first-person shooter survival game which has been developed using Unreal engine and blueprints. The purpose of this project was to test the effect changes in enemy stats such as health and damage has on player experience and behaviour


Third/First Person Shooter Survival Game 


Unity (C#)

My responsibilities:

Programming, Prototyping and testing, Game Design and data analysis 

Development Time:

3 Weeks 


Nima Jamalian

Video Demo


The objective of this project is to investigate how changes in artificial intelligence can affect the way which player perceive AI in games. To be more specific this research focuses on examining the hypothesis that exists among game developers which suggests that it is possible to make the enemy AI in the game appear more intelligent to the player by simply increasing enemy health and damage (Making enemies stronger) without actually changing the AI. The research also covers examples of good and bad AIs in first person games by case studying. The research also examines the design choices and thought process of game developers while designing AI systems for their games. This research will provide a background history of Video games and the history of AI in video games. The paper will also provide an overview of different ways and techniques which game developers use in order to implement AI systems covering how state machine and behaviour trees work. A prototype of the first/third-person shooter game was designed and built for this project in order to test the authenticity of hypothesis which was mentioned above. This prototype is referred to as Artificial Intelligence Testing Experiment (AITE). The paper will fully cover how AITE was implemented. A user testing case studying has been conducted on AITE, the testing base is around 20 people from different backgrounds and age groups. The result of this testing will be discussed in details later in this paper.