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Birdy is a 3D endless runner type game. Created using Unity (C#), the game uses animation techniques to make the game visually more interesting. In the game the players are in control of a bird. They can move the bird either up or down. The players need to stay alive as long as they can, in the game random fire ball will get spawned toward the players and the players need to avoid these objects by using the movement mechanics. This project required knowledge of animation techniques in Unity and C# programming.


Birdy is a 2D endless runner game, made in Unity using C#. In the game, the players are in control of a bird and they need to avoid the fire ball that comes toward them.


2D Endless Runner Game


Unity (C#)

My responsibilities:

Programming, Prototyping and testing, Game Design 

Development Time:

1 Week 


Nima Jamalian


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