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This programme created using C++ and openFrameworks,  some of the early coding prototypes were developed in java and processing. Cheetah and Rabbit is an artificial intelligence program that simulates a scenario in which cheetah is chasing the rabbit, players get to play both animals in different scenarios. The programme allows users to choose between three options. First mode is the computer simulation, which simulates cheetah chasing the rabbit scenario, the user can also randomly allocate the entities position on the grid field. In the second mode the user takes control of the rabbit and the goal is to run away from the cheetah and collect food which ads to the user score. In the final mode, the user plays as the cheetah and needs to find the path to rabbit position and move the cheetah exactly to that position, this game mode is similar to puzzle game. Cheetah and Rabbit allowed deep understanding and research of data structures such as stacks and queues and analysis and implementation of Object-Oriented Programming.

Cheetah And Rabbit

Research and analysis of a classic game/simulation known as “Cheetah and Rabbit”.  In this programme you have the option to play the game as the rabbit to try and escape from the cheetah that is chasing you or let the programme run the simulation and watch the outcome.


2D Game/Interactive AI Simulation


C++ and openFrameworks

My responsibilities:

Programming, Prototyping and testing, Game Design 

Development Time:

2 Months


Nima Jamalian, Andrea Fiorucci


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