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A third person stealth/survival game made in Unreal Engine using blueprints. In the game, the goal for the player is to find a way out of an abandoned graveyard, without being spotted by blind monsters that patrol through the map. The player needs to find the key and then open the game of graveyard with it. The player can switch between “sneaking” and “running” mode. Running gives faster moving speed but makes noise attracting monsters. Walking is quiet but very slow. Players are expected to switch between two actions wisely in different situations. Monsters patrol along the predefined rote in the graveyard with low speed, but once they hear the player’s noise, they will run to the suspicious location to check if the player is there. If the player cannot move away in time, they will be caught by monsters and the game is over.


Escape is a third-person stealth game which asks players to get out of an abandoned graveyard stealthily and cautiously without being spotted by many blind monsters wandered in a graveyard. The players need to use different game mechanics in order to find their way out.


Third Person Survival Game


Unreal Engine, Blueprint

My responsibilities:

Programming, Prototyping and testing, Game Design, UI Design

Development Time:

2 Weeks 


Nima Jamalian, Xiang Song, Habiba Sharaf, Alen Han

Video Demo