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Hello everyone, 


I would kindly ask you to participate in a user study using the Harry Spotter mobile game app, which is a joint project with Nokia Bell Labs, Cambridge. In this study we expect you to annotate real world objects through a mobile game.  


Brief introduction to the game: 

Harry Spotter is an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game that allows users to discover real-world objects and places in a playful way, inspired by the Harry Potter series.  


Due to data protection reasons, you will have to be located in the UK in order to participate. 


Upon registration, the app assigns a user to one of the Harry Potter’s houses using their answers to a brief in-app survey. As a user, you can capture as many areas under your house’s banner as possible by defeating the local mayor of the areas. To defeat the mayor, you will need spell energy, which you can gain by scanning and labelling objects. The more objects you scan, the stronger you become. You can use your power to claim mayorship of different areas, and help your house become stronger. The app also allows users to overthrow existing mayors of areas by defeating them in a challenge. You may use this feature to expand your house’s area and conquer areas controlled by other houses. 


Sign up by 07/03/2021:  

Sign up with your email, and you will receive instructions to download the app: Note this study has now finished, we no longer take new participant.


User study duration: The study will run for 2 weeks, during which you can use the app indoors or outdoors to annotate objects and claim mayorships. You can take as many pictures as you like, which will give you more energy in defeating the mayor. You are expected to take some pictures (at least 5), at least once a day, which will take less than 5 minutes of your time every day for 2 weeks. 


The mobile app will request for the following permissions: 

  • Camera access 

  • Location access 

  • Network access [data] 


Support email: [Nima Jamalian -


At the end of the study, you would also have a chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher