I am experienced in 3D modelling and animation. I am familiar with modelling in Maya and the use of sculpting techniques in Mudbox in order to create high polygon assets, and texture them using Substance Painter. I usually export my models in either Unity or Unreal engine in order to use in my game projects. Here you can find some of the examples of 3D modelling/sculpting and texturing which I have done.


For 3D modelling I usually use Maya and I use Mudbox/Zbrush in order to sculpt my models and make them more high poly and visually appealing. I also use Substance Painter in order to texture my models. You can find examples of some of the 3D models which I have done.


3D Modelling 


Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush and Substance Painter

My responsibilities:

Design, Modelling, UV Mapping and Texturing 

Development Time:

2 Days for each game assets


Nima Jamalian

Video Demo