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Roll is a 3D endless runner type game. Created using Unity (C#), the goal was to create a game which is visually appealing using Unity low polygon models. In the game the players are in control of a ball, the ball moves forward automatically. The player can change the direction of the ball by using space or mouse click, each time the players press the input button the ball would change direction either to left or right. The goal of the game is to keep the ball on the platforms as long as you can and collect as many as coin you can. The platforms in the game are generated randomly, if the ball fall of the platforms then the game is over. I made the game visually more appealing by creating a destruction effect for platforms. When the ball pass over a platform, that platform would start falling down through the game. I also used Unity particle effects and lighting system to make the game appearance more interesting. Roll project required deep understanding of Unity and C# programming and use of classes.


The goal of this project was to a create fun addicting game, which is visually appealing using Unity low poly models. I attempted to make the game visually interesting by using different programming techniques. The game made in Unity using C#. 


3D Endless Runner Game


Unity (C#)

My responsibilities:

Programming, Prototyping and testing, Game Design 

Development Time:

1 Week 


Nima Jamalian

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