In this section you can view, the tutorials that have been written by me.

The material can be shared and used for projects and learning if credit is given.
They some more material on my GitHub and YouTube channel.

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VR Development in Unity Using XR Toolkit
This document has been designed in order to give you an overview of the current state of VR hardware and different tracking systems. You will also learn virtual reality application development in Unity.

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VR Development in Unity using SteamVR
Learning how to develop high end PC-VR experinces using SteamVR SDKs.

Unity Development Guide
This is a comprehensive document that pretty much cover everything you need for Unity game development. It covers example of developing two complex games one in 2D and the other one in 3D. The document also covers all aspects of C# programming. (Note this document is work in progress, therefore they might be typo in the documents however all the coding example are correct and have been verified)

Guide to Photogrammetry
Learning how to turn real world objects to 3D objects that can be used in creating high quality digital products. The documents covers how to turn the objects into point could first and then turn the object into a 3D mesh using Regard3D software which is free.

Algorithm and Data Structures
Learning algorithms and data structures simplified 😊
Note: This is a work in progress I will adding more to this document in my free time.

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